The Process

Reach Out

Don't let fear keep you from connecting with a helper that resonates with you. Read On. I'm far from your average life coach. I'm a licensed therapist who intentionally coaches. If you've been to therapy before and wanted more tools, wanted to be challenged, wanted to be held accountable, wanted to achieve results. For life's issues, relationship challenges, and stuff at work. I'm your coach.  Learn more on the about page. 

Set An Intention

What do you plan to accomplish with coaching? I know there are other characters on the stage of your life. People who may be having a profound effect on you. At Six Figures, the time spent with your coach is all about you, not them. After all, if you're not good, it's pretty difficult to show up well for others.


I'll coach you to:

  • Clarify who you are in this season of your life
  • Identify your purpose 
  • Develop confidence in your authentic self
  • Manage Fear
  • Create a vision for yourself
  • Prioritize self-care
  • Set clear boundaries
  • Achieve balance
  • Attract healthy relationships
  • Thrive in your marriage
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Parent without regret and more...

Take It To The Streets

Life is meant to be lived in relationship, so let's try out what you've learned in real life.  We'll monitor your progress together. You'll receive support and encouragement to keep setting small achievable goals.  What you dream of, your ideal whatever...You might not have shared it with those close to you.  Let's examine the goal, make a plan and go for it!  

At Six Figures we move past limitations.