Karla Taylor MEd, LPC

Why Six Figures ?


For years I have worked with clients facing a host of challenges. My track record is success with many positive outcomes, but doing so for what I consider less than my worth never made sense to me. It felt disingenuous, so I changed it.

Realizing, only I could offer myself what I'm truly worth, I've been on the journey of moving off the status quo grid into entrepreneurship for awhile now. 

To take the leap, I've had to work through family of origin blocks, societal norms, academic mindsets, peer pressure, faith constructs, fear, a false sense of self and organizational limitations. Doing my work has prepared me to coach you past your limits. I look forward to working with you!

Your Coach

Karla Taylor

 I am a formally educated, trained and licensed therapist turned coach, because coaching is what I love to do! 

It has been my pleasure to counsel many individuals, couples and families  for nearly two decades. 

I am a published author and experienced conference presenter, having addressed both cozy and larger audiences on a variety of empowering topics.

 I am spiritual and intuitive, practicing from a solution-focused perspective. I practice what I coach, so I engage my own spiritual practice daily that keeps me clear and grounded to work with you. Let's do this!


My Clients


My clients are leaders, owners, entrepreneurs and those who want to be. They are forward thinkers who aren't satisfied with the norm. My clients seek company that inspires them to excel. 

They need a listening ear that understands, support that stabilizes, and encouragement that fuels their ideas. 

 They learn to ask themselves the tough questions. To examine their relationships, their lives, then face the answers. 

At Sixfigurescoaching we turn what doesn't work into working solutions. Get ready to make a paradigm shift!



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